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in Santorini

Santorini is a magical place, a valuable holiday destination, an island of natural beauty and incomparable elegance. A small island that has managed to become a top international destination and figure in the lists of millions of people around the world for places that they would definitely like to admire up close.


The view will enchant you, the sunset will amaze you and the history will excite you. Discover the uniqueness of Oia and admire the stunning scenery of the caldera, in a magical atmosphere. Its romantic environment, high aesthetics, rich list of facilities and services and authentic hospitality are among the unique holiday experiences you will experience during your stay at the luxury hotel Adorno Oia Suites, in the enchanting Oia.

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modern design with authentic Cycladic architecture


Junior Suite with Jacuzzi and sea views

area: 22 m2, capacity:


Deluxe Suite with Jacuzzi and sea views

area: 22 m2, capacity:


King Suite with Jacuzzi and sea views

area: 32 m2, capacity:


Queen Suite with Jacuzzi and sea views

area: 34 m2, capacity:


Executive Suite with sea views

area: 34 m2, capacity:


Honeymoon Suite with Jacuzzi and sea views

area: 32 m2, capacity:


Adorno Oia Suites also has a stunning pool with parasols and sun loungers as well as a pool bar overlooking the sunset and the blue of the Aegean Sea.

     POOL & BAR

New Era in Spa
Breathe in the magical air of Santorini. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, the fullness of the earth beneath your feet, the light breeze on your hair. Immerse yourself in the healing waters of the sea and the aroma of therapeutic herbs blooming on the island. Experience your ideal vacation by connecting to the unique energy of the island and rediscovering bliss and serenity within yourself, in harmony with nature.

Enjoy these and more by choosing the holistic experience of Callisti Holistic Spa. Combine your relaxing holiday with the special energy of Santorini and holistic therapies for ultimate wellness.

The Absolutes rituals


Visit the beaches


In Santorini you will discover enchanting beaches in every part of the island, satisfying the taste of even the most demanding visitor. Impressive crimson rocks, white stones and dark pebbles are a few of the features that characterize them & are waiting for you to explore them.

Adorno Oia Suites is located just 500 meters from the popular Ammoudi Beach in Oia. Ammoudi is reminiscent of a movie scene, with many taverns carved into the rock. Follow the path that continues from Ammoudi, to the rock with the chapel of Agios Nikolaos.

Explore the area


Santorini is a unique destination with many amazing experiences and activities that you just can not miss. Its landscapes will fascinate you, the sunset will enchant you and its history will captivate you.

Oia is a picturesque village in the northern part of the island. Its unique architecture, picturesque churches, marble streets and incredible view of the caldera create an extremely beautiful landscape and a magnificent atmosphere. As it literally hangs on the edge of the Caldera, the unique Oia promises panoramic views of the volcano and the Aegean as well as unobstructed contact with its famous sunset.



The history of the island began 4000 years ago and is inextricably linked to the famous and pre-classical ancient world. This is realized with a visit to the archeological site of Akrotiri in the south of Santorini. Nearby is the fascinating Archaeological Museum of Thera which also houses unique and ancient treasures.

But the city of Oia itself, where Adorno Oia Suites is located, has a lot to offer its visitors, in terms of cultural treasures and attractions. In Oia you can visit the Maritime Museum, the Museum of Ancient, Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Instruments as well as the world-famous art galleries.