We are proud to be the first in Santorini to share with you innovative wellness, beauty & relaxation protocols, enriched with new bioresonance programs, equipment & holistic therapy practices.  Be among the first in the island of Phaethon, son of the Sun, to experience advanced holistic massage techniques with therapeutic essential oil blends of doTERRA, combined with quantum techniques that soothe the muscles and release the body’s natural energy flow. 
Explore your body language with the new generation of bioactive tests that measure the state of your physical and emotional holistic wellbeing. Discover personalized wellness programs and enjoy full body rejuvenation through Infrared & Led light therapies, bioresonance frequencies and elixir energy drinks.  Feel the wonderful energy of Santorini via our ritual biotherapies and create memories of the absolute holistic experience of your vacation.
Callisti welcomes you in the new era of Holistic Spa!

Pulse scanning device to rapidly quantify the organism’s energy resources and channeled pathogenic stress.

After an 8-minute scan, 15 indicators of energy and psycho-emotional state are displayed in graphs.


The ZYTO galvanic – electrodermal test allows you to develop BIO communication with your holistic self, your body and your emotions. By simply placing your hand on the ZYTO galvanic palm scanner for 10 minutes, the electrical conductivity of the skin is measured. This way, the stress & wellness levels are calculated, and the body’s response to specific herbal stimuli is checked to discover the plants most beneficial and compatible with your well-being.

Wellbeing Protocols


Holistic wellness packages for the face and body



-Santorini Hot Lava Stones ritual massage

-Bioresonance Protection Protocol

-Aromatherapy diffusion with On Guard

-DETOX DeLixir formula drink

-Face clay mask with bentonite clay, apple vinegar, Lavender & Tea Tree dōTERRA essential oils + Yellow LED Light Mask



-Face & Body Gua Sha massage with natural oils and blends

-Bioresonance Harmony Protocol

-Aromatherapy diffusion with Spearmint

-TOP FORM DeLixir formula drink

-Face fruit collagen mask + Red LED Light Mask


Energy Boost

-Asclepian Magnetic ritual massage

-Bioresonance Energy Protocol

-Aromatherapy diffusion with Clove

-MULTI ENERGY DeLixir formula drink

-Face egg collagen mask + Green LED Light Mask



-Aroma-Touch technique massage

-Bioresonance Stress-Away Protocol

– Aromatherapy diffusion with Serenity

-PH BALANCE DeLixir formula drink

-Ayurveda face massage + White LED Light Mask



-Full body and face exfoliation

-Moisturizing body massage ritual

-Bioresonance Abundance Protocol

-Aromatherapy diffusion with Rosewater

-COLLAGEN DeLixir formula drink

-Rosewater & Gold collagen mask + Pink LED Light Mask

  • All therapies use natural ingredients and well tested and approved products.
  • Kindly let us know of any possible allergies, sensitivities, or intolerance.
  • All the equipment and facilities are sterilized with special UVC lamps after each session for ensured safety.