The new advanced portable Bioresonance devices eliminate psycho-toxins and psycho-emotional stress we have all accumulated consciously or subconsciously in 2020. Fatigue, depression, irritability, weakness and insomnia are some of the possible effects of external circumstances. We are tuned into the new era and offer you innovative wellness frequencies. Adorno Hotel guests can enjoy our Bioresonance programs services in all areas of the hotel (pool, salon, bar, etc).

Bioresonance programs


Stress-Away 20’

Invigoration, balance and stress relief for mood uplifting and essential energy for everyday activities. You can combine this program with TOP FORM DeLixir, whose unique formula supports the healthy function of the nervous and immune system thanks to its Rhodiola herb extract, that has been shown to increase serotonin and other brain neurotransmitters responsible for euphoric feelings.


Energy 45’

This program supplies the body with energy, vitality and strength, and regulates the harmonious distribution of energy in the organism. For optimal results, add the rich vitamin and trace elements cocktail MULTI ENERGY DeLixir for cellular nourishment and whole body rejuvenation.


Slim 60’

Restoration of metabolism, physical and psychological factors of weight imbalance, such as intense fears and psychosomatic stress from family, work and emotional conflict. Thanks to this program, the body becomes full of inner harmony and joy. Try it with the beneficial ULTRA SLIM DeLixir drink, containing L-carnitine and metabolism boosting ingredients, such as artichoke extract and cayenne pepper.


Emotional Balance 76’

This program enhances communication and conflict management skills, empathy, understanding and emotional intelligence, leading to a more fulfilling social life and inner emotional harmony. Combine it with the PH BALANCE DeLixir to gently restore the body’s acid-base balance thanks to alkalizers, spirulina and curcumin.