Asclepian Magnetic & Crystals – Recovery ritual

The Asclepian mystic healing method was performed in the ancient Asclepions of Greece. According to Greek mythology, centaur Chiron shared it with the High Master of Healing Asclepius, who in turn transferred this knowledge, after the flood of Deucalion, to the Asclepion of Epidaurus. Cheiroplasty and magnet therapy aim to permeate every cell through massage strokes, allowing it to absorb magnetic energy and release negative agents. The resulting muscular and nervous system regeneration reinvigorates the whole body. This healing ritual is based on an ancient therapeutic secret and the transfusion of healthy energy via magnetism. If you have already experienced the benefits of Ayurveda and Shiatsu, you will greatly appreciate the regenerative effects of Greek healer Asclepius on your body.

The session lasts 45 minutes, starting with a cleansing ritual with activated carbonated water and spearmint and followed by a balancing ritual with honeysuckle flower water, omphacium olive oil and Asclepian massage with quartz crystals and atomic pole activation magnets.

MUKTA Chromatotherapy – Aura balance ritual

The human body contains not only all the elements and metals, but also all frequencies. Each frequency is revealed through a color that corresponds to a specific emotion. Radionics is based on the mystic science and Asclepian healing practiced in Greek Asclepions, the healing centers of Ancient Greece.

What can it offer? MUKTA Radionic Chromatotherapy restores the mental and emotional balance in the body’s frequencies, resulting in aura cleansing and personal rainbow activation.

The session lasts for 60/70 minutes and includes emotional and physical contact with colors and spirals. Upon the completion of the ritual, you will have discovered emotional intelligence totality, physical wellness, and untapped potential within yourself. Feel this unique experience in the geodetic location of planet Earth, where the sun sets and rises in total alignment with the water element, offering immense healing potential, through the physical MUKTA spirals.

Santorini Hot Lava Stones

Volcanic rocks are well known for their relaxing and healing properties. Less known, however, are the unique abilities of the lava stones of Santorini. They were formed in the Minoan Era, when the Platonic month of the Taurus constellation offered prosperity to humankind; wealth, gold, beauty, aesthetics, spiritual awakening and evolution. The porous, condensed material is imbued with all this information that can be transmitted through heat.

Enjoy the unique experience of muscle relaxation, blood circulation, wellness activation and prosperity channeling, via the Santorini Hot Lava Stones placed on key gate points of your spine.

The session includes a ZYTO Balance scan, bioresonance spinal check, hot lava stones infused with therapeutic dōTERRA essential oils and coconut oil massage.

Feel the benefits of this ritual massage and the 100% energy replenishment that you can receive only here, on the island of Phaethon, the son of the Sun.

The session includes your personal stones, sterilized with UVC radiation, which are our gift to you after the ritual.

Callisti Hypnosis ritual connection

Hypnotherapy is a conscious journey of relaxation and self-discovery. In the ritual hypnosis journey of Callisti you will discover facets of your most radiant self, emerging from the vibrant energy flow of Santorini island.

Enjoy this unique experience and activate the Gate to inner awakening in connection with your volcanic core. The elevated frequencies of the floating space rekindle your bond with the soul of the sea, bringing to the surface experiences of previous incarnations and activating the memory of skills, abilities and gifts that will transform your life, allowing your alternative journey to spread its wings.

Acknowledge the beauty within yourself.