Relaxing – Aroma Touch Technique

AromaTouch Technique is a massage technique for relaxation and emotional blockage relief, through the specialized application of essential oils to the back and limbs. The scientific approach of the technique is based on the simultaneous stimulation of the senses of smell and touch, by synergistically combining the benefits of human touch with the properties of essential oils to create a holistic wellness experience.

On the one hand, the powerful aroma of essential oils triggers instant emotional responses, because the sense of smell is directly connected with the brain’s limbic system, responsible for feelings, mood and memory. Therefore, different scents can have various effects on emotional wellness. On the other hand, tender human touch has a soothing effect on the body and mind. Touch is the first human form of communication, since the fetus receives haptic stimulation from the womb. As a result, touch elicits the release of oxytocin (‘love’ hormone), lowers heart rate and blood pressure and balances the body systems that are susceptible to stress.

The essential oils used in AromaTouch Technique are chosen for their unique aromatic properties, after extensive research of different combinations and ways of application. Those are Lavender, Wild Orange, Peppermint, Tea Tree (Melaleuca), as well as the OnGuard, AromaTouch, Deep Blue and Balance doTERRA essential oil blends. They are certified for purity and potency with the Certified Pure Tested Grade (CPTG) qualification.

Stress-away deep tissue massage

The toxic stress relief massage combines the application of special therapeutic anti-stress essential oils with the deep tissue massage technique offered exclusively by Callisti. What makes the therapeutic and liberating experience of Stress-away unique is the personalized combination of oil blends that specifically target stress in the body during deep tissue massage, chosen via a pleasant 10min ZYTO biosurvey scan of individual compatibility.

Knowing the ideal stress-away oil blend for you, we commence the ritual of discharging hidden muscle groups strained by chronic stress and therapeutically stimulating key trigger points through deep tissue whole body massage.

The philosophy of deep tissue massage varies among different cultures and places, being one of the most ancient therapeutic stroking massages connecting physical pain with the soul and spirit, hence it is ideal for releasing modern residual stress from the muscles and the body when accompanied with aromatherapy.

During the session, the stroking massage technique can be combined with a specialized manual tool (optional) for optimal results.

What to expect after Stress Away Aromatherapy & Deep tissue massage

The deep tissue massage technique with the herb most compatible with your individual wellness needs will relieve your muscles of information that have sensitized the deeper layers and are linked with chronic anxiety, while also emotionally affect the vegetative nervous system. The combination of massage and therapeutic plants is a holistic healing system of discharge and detoxification. After the session, you will experience body relief and soul liberation, resulting in the upgrade of your wellbeing.

Infrared light therapy & Βody Anaplasis

Infrared light therapy is an innovative method for treating chronic and acute pain from muscular stress and injuries. The healing session includes the regenerative massage technique of Callisti, a combination of relaxation and restoration methods for muscle tissue rehabilitation.

Body Gua Sha – More than a massage: restore your body to its Best

Body Gua Sha is a traditional technique that is thousands of years old, aiming at wellness, smooth circulation and the removal of toxins accumulated in the body, essentially constituting a drastic lymphatic system massage. It treats the energy, called “qi” or “chi”, that has become stagnant in the body, by being a natural alternative therapy of skin exfoliation with the special tools gua (meaning ‘scratch’) sha (meaning ‘sand’). This ancient Chinese therapeutic technique offers a unique approach to wellness, since it activates body meridian energy flow, while also softening and moisturizing the skin with the help of special coconut and cranberry oils.

What are the benefits of Gua Sha? The benefits of massage with the special gua sha tools for the body are considerable because it restores the energy flow in blockages that can cause chronic pain. Gua Sha has been shown to exponentially increase blood flow in skin surface levels and contribute to toxin dispersal in blood circulation, alleviating the lymphatic and the immune system. While the blood is then absorbed again by the body, an enzyme with powerful anti-inflammatory and immune properties is produced. According to Chinese medicine, regularly cleansing the body from toxins using the technique, especially in the joints, back, neck and shoulders, prevents external pathogens from establishing an internal circuit, thus reducing any chance of toxicity leading up to pathological manifestation.

Full body exfoliation – Breath in Callisti

Body exfoliation with Santorini pumice stones, combined with the volcanic ash face mask is a unique experience of dead cell cleansing that allows the skin to breathe and shine. The session starts with light lymphatic activation, with macademia oil and active carbon to remove toxins, chemicals and heavy metals, followed by a full body scrub with loofah and pumice stones, soaked in OnGuard essential oil, and concludes with a bentonite clay volcanic ash body mask.