The new era in spa is here and utilizes modern technology to offer holistic wellness to the mind, soul and body. Adorno Suites, in collaboration with Callisti Holistic Spa, introduce innovative wellness services and whole-heartedly embrace your needs for relaxation of the mind, gratification of the senses and beautification of the body.

Each individual has their own unique combination of personality, characteristics and wellness needs. For this reason, we offer advanced wellness bio-tests, measuring stress, fatigue, sleep deprivation and aura condition, in order to customize your experience and provide you with personalized bioresonance protocols tailored to your organism.

These bio-tests suggest the most suitable holistic services for you.


Pulse scanning device to rapidly quantify the organism’s energy resources and channeled pathogenic stress.

After an 8-minute scan, 15 indicators of energy and psycho-emotional state are displayed in graphs.

  • Stress levels
  • Electrical activity
  • Biological age and energy pyramid
  • Functional state of systemic energy
  • Energetic state of the spine
  • Aura power
  • Functionality of etheric glands (chakras)
  • Activity of the 12 body energy meridians
  • Organ evaluation according to U-SIN natural elements theory
  • Overall energy well-being

ZYTO galvanic test & dōTERRA essential oils

The ZYTO galvanic – electrodermal test allows you to develop BIO communication with your holistic self, your body and your emotions. By simply placing your hand on the ZYTO galvanic palm scanner for 10 minutes, the electrical conductivity of the skin is measured. This way, the stress & wellness levels are calculated, and the body’s response to specific herbal stimuli is checked to discover the plants most beneficial and compatible with your well-being. As a result, not only are you equipped with knowledge of your homeopathic relationship with the plant kingdom and your wellness levels, but you are also able to restore your homeostasis, the emotional and biochemical equilibrium of your organism.

ZYTO is your personal wellness advisor! In conjunction with universally recognized dōTERRA essential oils, it produces your own unique blends of wellbeing elixirs and biometric functional analyses of your body systems that make up the ‘healthy mind in a healthy body’ of Greek healer Hippocrates.